Businesses strive to increase efficiency and reliability of their operations in order to compete and retain customer satisfaction.

These businesses also generate ever more metrics and events in the order of hundreds to millions per hour, many without even knowing about it.

DataDynamics helps your business make better descisions based on the stream of metrics and events that your organization and systems constantly produces.


Use pre-made panels, dashboards and visualizations.
Or create your own.

How it works

1. Collect

Start by sending relevant metrics and events to our platform. We support most of the standard protocols for metrics and events such as syslog, beats, json, graphite, opentsdb, influxdb and many more.

2. Store

This is what we do. Our platform is optimized to ingest and store large amounts of data efficiently and cost effectively.

3. Discover & visualize

Discover and play around with data and learn about your systems. Create stunning real-time visualizations. Create reports on historic data.

Frequently asked questions

How is DataDynamics priced?

One base instance starts at 5000 NOK per month and supports millions of datapoints per day and thousands of time series. Millions of log entries and lots of dashboards.

For how long can I view historic data?

We do not have any automatic purge of historic data, so in theory you can have data available in full resolution going back 5-10 years. There are however costs associated with storing very large amounts of data and if that applies we will have a discussion about you what data you need, for how long, and how much it would reasonably cost to store it.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Yes. All communication between your systems an us is encrypted. Every customer also has a dedicated computing and storage instance so that there is no risk of one clients data leaking to other customers. This also ensures consistent performance regardless of other customers.

Can I host DataDynamics on my own intrastructure?

Yes, if you are unable to have data in the cloud for security, governance, compliance or other reasons, we can set up DataDynamics on your infrastructure, whether that is physical, virtualized or private cloud.

What if I have network zones that are prohibited from reaching the internet?

If you have secure network zones that cannot reach the internet and send data to DataDynamics directly, we have developed a virtual appliance that can relay logs and metrics through intermediate network security zones. These relays are also locked down so they cannot be used to relay other traffic through but only relay metrics and logs to DataDynamics.

Other questions?

Reach out to us at [email protected]no or [email protected] and we will be happy to help you!